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Beginner Learn-to Sail

The beginner class is designed for sailors aged 8 by August 1 of the current year and up or those with minimal or no sailing experience, with a strong focus on fundamental boat handling and water safety skills. Conducted in Optimists (Optis), it builds confidence and comfort on the water while emphasizing safety, enjoyment, and essential sailing principles. Participants are paired in boats for safety and enjoyment but may sail independently at the instructor's discretion, enhancing their immersion in the sailing experience. Sailors learn terminology, rigging, and derigging, gaining practical skills and confidence in handling wind and water dynamics and fundamentals like knot tying, maneuvering, and capsize recovery. On and off the water, team-building activities promote collaboration and sportsmanship, creating a supportive le enjoyment and skill development.


We recommend 1-2 years in this class to establish a strong sailing foundation. Advancement to the Intermediate class relies on instructor and director evaluations. Opti sailors who successfully complete the Beginner program, demonstrate excellent boat handling, and show interest in competitive sailing may be considered for race team at the discretion of instructors and the director.

Beginner Class Cost: $600/sailor

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