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Race Team

Race Team is our competitive junior sailing group, focusing on racing skills, strategies, and techniques. They have the opportunity to compete off-island against other clubs in the Inter-Lake Yachting Association (I-LYA) through the Junior Traveler Series. Racing takes place in Optis, Lasers, 420s, and Thistles. While there's no age requirement for joining, sailors must have at least two years of sailing experience. Participation in off-island regattas is at the discretion of our instructors. Well-qualified sailors who are old enough may compete in Junior Bay Week, the season's culminating regatta at our own Put-in-Bay Yacht Club.

Race Team Cost: $800/sailor


As Race Team members, sailors' involvement goes beyond the water. Racers will be required to actively participate in fundraising efforts, such as the Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser, and help with the SOS class during the last week of the program. Sailing is a Corinthian sport, meaning we expect our race team members to be good sportsmen both on and off the water. Race Team members are leaders, setting good examples for other PIBCSS sailors. They are representatives of not only themselves and their families but also PIBCSS, PIBYC, and the community of Put-in-Bay. We take This responsibility seriously, and we trust that our race team members will make us proud while representing all of the groups above on and off the island.  

Junior Bay (July 14 to July 18, 2024) participation requirements:

  • Turn 13 within the calendar year; has not started freshman year of college yet

  • Be an active junior member or family member of US Sailing

  • Copy of birth certificate (if first year of participation)

  • Participate in at least 3 Traveler Series regattas

  • Be recommended to the Junior Bay Week team by the PIBCSS coaches. Pay a portion of registration costs (e.g., 2021 cost was $300).

Parent Participation is crucial for a successful program! As we know, it takes a village, or in our case, an island. Volunteers are needed for a variety of tasks throughout the season, such as team lunches and driving/providing vehicles for off-island regattas.  There will be a Race Team parent meeting during the program's first week at PIBYC. 

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