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Start Opti Sailing 

This 4 day course emphasizes learning proper skills through skill progression – teaching the basics and progressing with small building blocks until the skill is mastered. Sailors are motivated through these small successes and will be assured that the skills are taught properly. Teamwork is also encouraged in this course, as sailors start  with two-three kids per boat, eventually graduating to sailing on their own in our Camp Sailing Classes.

The following will be covered in the S.O.S Program:

  • Terminology - boat parts, basic wind direction, rigging and derigging

  • Water Safety - clothing, water pollution, life jacket vs. PFD

  • Balance - where to sit and moving around the boat

  • Steering - straight, turning, holding the tiller and extension

  • Propulsion - sculling, paddling, using the sail

  • Stopping and going in the boat, capsizing, launching and docking, tacking and gibing



  • Must be able to swim with a life jacket on

  • Must pass swim test

  • Must have life jacket

  • Shoes that have a closed toe, can get wet, and stay on feet while swimming

For Additional Information:

Please contact Colleen Mooney at

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